City Gateway

City Gateway & Impetus

Working with Impetus is invaluable in delivering the best tailored service to help each one of the young people we work with reach their full potential.

– David Wesson, CEO, City Gateway

The need: Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds are twice as likely to be neither earning or learning than their better-off peers.

Our charity partner: City Gateway provides education, training and support to disadvantaged young people in east London. Their programme helps young people to find and keep a job through English and maths qualifications and coaching, followed by work placements and apprenticeships.

Our impact: With our support, City Gateway aims to treble the number of students completing courses and accessing jobs or training. We have helped them to redesign their courses so that they give students the best chance of getting in to work.

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Valuing apprenticeships means giving the Apprenticeship Levy a chance

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Youth unemployment

Young people are bearing the economic burden of coronavirus - protecting their future is a national emergency.
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2016 – not all bad!

2016 – not all bad! What’s the first word you think of when you look back on 2016? I can hazard a guess – ‘uncertain’, ‘tumultuous’, maybe ‘historic’, maybe something less polite! But for me the word is ‘inspiring’.
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