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MCR Pathways & Impetus

Part of the Engage Fund: a partnership with The Henry Smith Charity

MCR Pathways is excited to be supporting care-experienced and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds through our proven, school-based mentoring programme in partnership with schools in Hertfordshire. Having built on the success of one school in the East-end of Glasgow in 2007, to all 30 of the city's secondaries, and now in 78 schools across Scotland, we're thrilled to now be a part of the additional support in Hertfordshire. Full training is provided to our volunteer mentors, who represent an incredibility diverse cross-section of society, all with the shared desire and ambition to give something back. Our partnership and natural alignment with Impetus has been fantastic to launch and establish the new programme. We're now engaged in strategic work to develop a 3-year growth strategy, in which we are benefitting from Impetus' expertise and insight to enable us to scale across the country and offer the programme to every young person in need who would benefit from the unique and individualised support of a mentor.

– Fay Gingell, CEO, MCR Pathways

The need: Young people in mainstream secondary schools who have experience of the care system, or face challenges like special educational needs, living in severe poverty, or living with extended family not parents, often find it harder to engage in education than their peers.

Our charity partner: MCR Pathways works with young people aged 10-18, supporting them from the crucial transition from the last year of primary school into secondary school, to the end of college. The mentoring that MCR Pathways offers can help these young people achieve equality of educational outcomes, career opportunities and improve life chances.

Our impact: Impetus will provide peer support, 121 capacity building and funding to assist MCR Pathways to expand their well-evidenced Young Talent programme throughout the country, focusing on the triple outcomes of keeping students in school, improving attainment and increasing EET rates.

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