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Driving Impact: helping charities transform the lives of disadvantaged young people

Charities do good work, but there’s room for improvement. Our Driving Impact paper shares what we’ve learnt from our charities about impact. This is a guide for funders, commissioners and charities to deliver impactful programmes for young people.

Building the best charities


£2m worth of expertise in impact and growth

Our Investment team works shoulder-to-shoulder with our charities to help them become even stronger. We help them to define which young people they can serve well, what outcomes they'll deliver and how they'll monitor and improve performance as they grow. We support them to develop an impact strategy and delivery plan, and to build a great leadership team and sustainable organisation.


£2m worth of world class pro bono expertise

We match our charities with experts from our pro bono network. They donate their time and skills to drive charity performance through support with business planning, organisational structure, finance, leadership coaching and performance management.


£4.1m of strategic grant funding

We provide long-term core funding so that our charities can build their capacity to consistently deliver high quality programmes as they grow. As a result, our charities are able to strengthen the core activities needed to get bigger and better.

What we look for in a charity partner


A focus on improving the educational attainment or sustained employment of young people from economically disadvantaged backgrounds


A leadership team and Board committed to improving and growing outcomes


The potential for longer term sustainability and scale to reach more young people

For every 40 charities we consider, 1 makes it in to our portfolio

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