Our Impact

Our impact with our charities

We work shoulder-to-shoulder with our charities to make them stronger, delivering better results year after year, to more disadvantaged young people.

We make charities stronger

We help develop charities’ leadership, impact management and sustainability, using our bespoke framework as a guide.

Charity Outcomes Framework

Impetus has helped us become a better run, better led and more sustainable charity.

Jen Fox, Interim CEO, Action Tutoring

We back charities to deliver better results

We put the building blocks of impact management in place so that our charities can deliver better results for young people.

Charity Outcome Results
Tutoring charity Maths GCSE pass
When we started working with them 49%
2 years later 70%
University access charity Acceptance at top university
When we started working with them 34%
2 years later 54%
Employability charity Sustained education or employment
When we started working with them 52%
2 years later 71%

We help charities reach more young people

We support our charities to grow, so that they are able to help more young people succeed.

Our impact with funders and policy makers

Halve the gap between disadvantaged young people and their better-off peers in getting GCSE or Level 2 English and maths by age 19.

Halve the gap between disadvantaged young people and their better-off peers in access to university.

Establish and reduce the gap in sustained employment between disadvantaged young people and their better-off peers.

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Backing the best: Our work with IntoUniversity

This impact report tells the story of our 11-year partnership with IntoUniversity, totalling nearly £4 million worth of investment team hours, pro bono projects and funding. With our help, IntoUniversity are helping more and more disadvantaged young people – who are half as likely to get a university place than their peers – beat the odds.

November 2018

Driving Impact: helping charities transform the lives of disadvantaged young people

Charities do good work, but there’s room for improvement. Our Driving Impact paper shares what we’ve learnt from our charities about impact. This is a guide for funders, commissioners and charities to deliver impactful programmes for young people.

October 2016