ThinkForward & Impetus

As a result of the support we get from Impetus, we are transforming the way we measure and manage the impact we have on young people's lives. This is essential for a sustainable future.

– Ashley McCaul, CEO, ThinkForward

The need: Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with no qualifications struggle to make the transition from school to work. Early engagement and long-term support can help.

Our charity partner: ThinkForward was founded by Impetus in 2010 and has been an independent charity since 2016. ThinkForward identifies young people most at risk of unemployment and provides them with a dedicated coach from age 13 to 18. Coaches help them overcome the challenges holding them back and build the skills they need to find and keep a job. Their new MoveForward programme extends their support to young people with mild to moderate learning disabilities to help them move into paid work.

Our impact: ThinkForward has grown from a small pilot to 18 schools in London, Nottingham and Kent and running MoveForward in seven schools and colleges in London, Kent and the West Midlands. Since 2011, eight out of ten young people to graduate from the ThinkForward programme have made a successful transition into further or higher education and employment.

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