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Impetus led us to ask critical questions about our model and our impact that we wouldn’t have asked ourselves.

Louisa Mitchell, CEO, West London Zone

The need: Young people in poor areas often find it hard to get the help they need because services are fragmented with different organisations providing disconnected support.

Our charity partner: West London Zone works with children in a deprived part of west London, providing them with a coach to help them access the support they need to succeed.

Our Impact: With West London Zone, we’re identifying the right measure to assess whether children supported are on track to thrive when they reach adulthood. We’re helping sharpen the way West London Zone selects and works with partner charities in west London, and to develop plans for rolling out West London Zone’s approach to more schools.

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Educational attainment

Only 41% of young people on free school meals pass English and maths GCSEs, compared with 69% of all other pupils. With the right support, we can make life after school fairer.
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Backing Charities

We find, build and fund high potential charities
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Why we exist

Over 2 million young people live in poverty in Britain today. They do less well at school, they are less likely to make it to university and they struggle to find and keep jobs. The figures are stark.
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