Hg: Smart investing for the long term

This isn’t just a hugely generous donation, it’s a new way of giving. Hg built this support for Impetus into their investments so that in line with their performance, young people from disadvantaged backgrounds will benefit. With this gift we can do even more to get the right support to help them succeed. It will impact thousands of young lives over the coming years.

Andy Ratcliffe, CEO, Impetus

Smart investors, long-term gains

If we’re serious about helping young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to succeed, we need to be smart as well as generous. And building long-term relationships with our supporters, relationships that give both us, and them, a platform to make the most of our combined expertise, networks and resources is the smartest investment of all.

It’s these relationships that enabled us to deliver over £10 million of support to great charities last year to make them better, stronger and helping even more young people.

Building the foundations

One such smart investor is specialist private equity firm, Hg. In 2007, Hg became one of the founding supporters of the Private Equity Foundation, initiated by the founding partners of Hg. Over a decade later, Hg remain vital to the success of Impetus.

In that time, Hg leaders have helped to build and continue to shape our charity across all levels, serving on our board of trustees, supporting senior leadership and helping to found our Future Leaders programme, an initiative to engage the next generation of professionals in the industry to drive social change.

Impetus are leading the charge in charity impact and with them, we know that our support always goes where it will do the most good, backing the very best organisations helping disadvantaged young people to succeed. We’re thrilled to be able to give this gold standard charity an extra injection of funds and our ongoing support.

Nic Humphries, Senior Partner, Hg

The gift of time

Hg have brought their commercial brains as well as their charitable hearts to the challenge of giving all young people the chance to succeed at school and work, contributing their staff time, support and expertise too.

Hg employees have given hours of pro bono support to Impetus and our charity partners. The Hg team have embraced volunteering opportunities with Resurgo and 2nd Chance and delivered projects for Working Chance, Street League and IntoUniversity, including mentoring senior charity staff.

An innovative way of giving

This year, Hg have broken a record for Impetus, committing the largest ever one-off donation. This lump sum represents a new method of long-term commitment from the private equity industry, where a share of Hg’s profits arising from an investment fund are committed to the charity. The scale of this donation alone from Hg means that thousands of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds will benefit, through our work backing the best charities helping them to succeed in school and work.

This monumental donation is the first of its kind for Impetus and shows that philanthropic giving can come in many forms. All of them leading to more disadvantaged young people getting the very best support to succeed that they deserve.

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