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Impetus-PEF was formed in 2013 from the merger of two pioneering venture philanthropy organisations. Impetus Trust, founded in 2002, was the first organisation in the UK to apply a venture philanthropy approach. The Private Equity Foundation (PEF) was set up in 2006 by a group of leaders from the private equity industry who wanted to apply private equity disciplines to help great charities become even better.

When our founders brought these two organisations together, it was the perfect opportunity for Impetus-PEF to focus on what mattered most to us; getting the right support to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds so they could succeed in school and work.

In the years that followed, we've transformed thousands of young lives. We’ve generated over £100 million of value for our charity partners, who in turn are getting stronger, better and bigger through our grant funding, through the expert support of our investment team, and through our world-class pro bono network. As a result of our approach, they’re growing in impact – not just in size – and I’m confident that we’re building charities today that will be sector leaders in the years ahead, giving many more disadvantaged young people the chance to succeed in school, in work and in life.

I became involved with Impetus-PEF as a trustee five years ago while I was working in private equity, and I have seen first-hand how some of the disciplines of a private equity approach have helped our charities to improve. But it’s clear to me that the model we’ve built applies much more widely.

First, because we’re in demand, our policy work has taken flight, and we’re influencing the right policy and decision-makers so that all young people get the support they need.

Second, we’ve seen more partners and funders, who are eager to work alongside us and our charities, buy in to our impact approach.

Third, as I’ve moved into the world of asset management, I’ve seen how the investment rigour we bring to our charities can appeal to anyone who runs a business, cares about purpose and wants to engage to deliver results.

Today, we've shortened our name to simply ‘Impetus’. The new name reflects where we are now in this third phase of our journey, and it'll stand us in good stead for future years.

I know that, by working with others to channel more resources to where they will do the most good, we’ll achieve the scale of change that disadvantaged young people need.

We welcome your thoughts on our new name, please get in touch!

Hanneke Smits is Chair of Impetus.

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Our history

Impetus, previously known as Impetus-PEF, was formed in 2013 from the merger of Impetus Trust and The Private Equity Foundation (PEF).
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Our Impact

Impetus works shoulder-to-shoulder with our charities to make them stronger, delivering better results year after year, to more disadvantaged young people.
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Our Board

The Impetus Board is an integral part of our organisation. We’re lucky to have trustees who generously give us their time, expertise and resources. They bring with them experience from private equity, business, the third sector and academia.​
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