Inflexion share their fundraising secrets

The team at Inflexion and I really enjoy taking part in the Impetus triathlon. It’s a great opportunity to build networks with other firms and also gives us a chance to get together with our own colleagues; meet people from different divisions and put some faces to names. This will be especially valuable this year as we’ve only seen faces on screens for the past 18 months!

Our team have shown incredible success in raising money for the triathlon in previous years and this year has been no different. Here is how we do it:

1) Team participation - we gather as many colleagues as possible to sign up and raise money. Having a big team all working together for a common goal allows us to engage with sponsors more regularly, deliver more innovative updates and provide them with more touch points for a good cause.

2) We focus on corporate donations - it's a soft ask that corporates are usually happy to get behind and they really do want to help.

3) We're persistent - we apply a lot of arm twisting and we're not afraid to badger busy people. It's especially easy for us to make the ask when we believe in the cause as much as we do.

Practical tips

  • Use it as an opportunity to build your network - it's a good reason to reach out to your contacts and keep relationships up.
  • Be brave - companies want to sponsor us and are happy to give a big amount, it's worth being a bit cheeky with the amount you ask for!

Good luck and I hope to see you at Dorney Lake on Saturday 18 September!

Mark is a Partner at long-term Impetus supporter, Inflexion

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