Our team

Aoife Gibson-Ebsworth

Executive Assistant to CEO and Administration Manager

On my first away day with Impetus, the CEO was asked why he chose to work for the organisation. His response was so moving and passionate. I see that passion in every member of the Impetus team every day, and it is truly amazing to be a part of that team.

Irfan Umarji

Director of Finance and Operations

"Having spent over a decade working in the charity sector and many more years volunteering within both the youth and education sectors, I felt Impetus was a place where both my passions and career could meet. We’re all here to make a real difference in young people’s lives by being the driving force behind great charities and helping them deliver the right support to more young people in a truly unique and impactful way."

Katherine Holdway

Human Resources and Learning Manager

“Within a few weeks of joining Impetus I got the opportunity to attend the annual Transforming Lives Dinner, it was great to see the way all staff came together to ensure the event was a success. More importantly, it was inspiring to see the young people that Impetus helps. Watching their personal journeys in the Impetus 2018 film really highlighted the importance of our work and made me feel proud and excited to have joined an organisation that is committed to making a real difference to young people’s lives.”

Roy McDowall

Finance and Operations Assistant

"I was initially interested in the finance role advertised, but when I viewed the Impetus website to find out more on the organisation, I was drawn to the commitment and mission Impetus has to ensuring children from disadvantaged backgrounds receive support in school, work and life to transform their lives and get the same chances as their better off peers. I believe all children/young people should have the chance of a good education and support and it is clear Impetus strive to do this with a very friendly and knowledgeable staff. My working background has mainly been in the private sector, so this is the first charity I have worked for and really enjoying it."

Will Simpson

Finance Manager

“When we hosted our annual Transforming Lives Dinner, I was able to meet a number of young people from our charities. A young man told me how one of our charities had helped him gain confidence and the skills to obtain a meaningful job. This illustrated to me just how much of an impact our work can have on the lives of young people.”